Drug Screening FAQ

drug test FAQ


Q. Do you sell drug test kits in bulk?

A. Yes. Just give us a call at 724-515-2637 to receive your discounted bulk pricing for any and all of the drug tests we have to offer.

Q. How do I know what number panel test I need?

AThis depends on how many drugs you want to test for. We offer 1 panel drug tests for any specific drug you're looking for all the way up to 16 panels to test you for all 16 of the most popular drugs. Once you decide on the number of drugs you'd like to test for, that same number will be the amount of panels on the test you are seeking.

Q. How do I know if I need a saliva or urine drug test?

A. This depends on preference, situational occurrences, and detection periods. If you are a business, a saliva drug test can be done right in front of you as opposed to someone needing the privacy of a bathroom for a urine drug test. Detection periods differ as drugs stay in your saliva differently than they stay in your urine. Saliva drug tests will typically detect drugs used within the previous few hours to a couple of days. A urine drug test is more common to find drugs in your system for up to multiple weeks prior. Keep in mind that every drug stays in your system for longer/shorter times than others. Find information on every drug's detection periods at our informational site: allsourcedrugdetector.com

Q. What is the best drug test to test for marijuana?

A. The best 1 panel drug test specifically for marijuana would be our AllSource Marijuana Drug Detector. Not only do you get a high quality, flat sided, and 99% accurate at-home urine cup, but you also get the satisfaction of a free lab confirmation from our award winning lab. This drug test offers a 50 Ng/mL cutoff level and a 10 Ng/mL cutoff level when sent into the lab. Our lab uses liquid chromatography as opposed to the standard gas chromatography to give you the exact amount in terms of Ng/mL of all metabolites associated with that drug that are in your system. Best of all, our lab offers 100% accurate results so you can never go wrong by taking advantage of the free confirmation!

Q. Does my doctor need to read the results of my colon screening test?

A. Our revolutionary colon cancer test is completely done from the comfort of your home. You can simply take it and receive results from home without consulting a doctor. If the unfortunate circumstance comes that you happen to test positive, then we would highly recommend that you seek professional medical help and consult with a doctor to take care of it.

Q. I'm interviewing for a job next week. I want to take a drug test prior to the interview. Which one should I buy?

A. At AllSource we offer a wide selection of drug tests you could use for pre-employment screening. The most comprehensive screen on the retail market would be our 14 panel Drug Detector that tests for 14 different substances at their lowest cutoff levels. Not only is the test 99% accurate, but it comes with a free lab confirmation that will give you 100% accurate results with the exact amount of Ng/mL for every drug metabolite in your system.

Q. Will CBD make me test positive for marijuana?

A. CBD has a lot of different manufacturers and combinations. To make sure CBD won't test positive for Marijuana, make sure the CBD product you are using contains 0% THC of any kind.

Q. Is there a test for detecting nicotine or cotinine in someone?

AWe have a couple different options for drug tests that test for Cotinine (Nicotine). We offer a 1 panel cotinine dip card test if you just want to specifically test for cotinine. We also have a 10 panel urine cup test that will test 9 different drugs on top of testing for cotinine.

Q. How reliable are AllSource Drug Tests?

AAllSource offers some of the most comprehensive and reliable drug tests on the market. Our urine cup drug tests offer 99% accuracy and our saliva drug tests offer 96% accuracy. We also have our lab confirmation for all retail urine cup Drug Detectors. The lab is 100% accurate with liquid chromatography as opposed to the standard gas chromatography so we can provide you with the exact amount of Ng/mL of each drug metabolite in your system.

Q. Who is SteelFusion?

A. SteelFusion is our lab partner who will do all lab confirmations for Drug Detector retail screens. We also offer our lab services to any businesses or end users who happen to want additional confirmations. SteelFusion offers liquid chromatography as opposed to gas chromatography which allows for an exact reading in Ng/mL of over 40 drug's metabolites in a person's system. Even if you get a 5 panel Drug Detector, the lab will still test for over 40 drug's metabolites. The best part is ALL lab results are 100% accurate!

Q. What is the difference between an at home drug detector test and a test with lab confirmation?

A. Our at-home Drug Detector test is an all inclusive urine cup drug test that offers a free lab confirmation with it. We are able to offer a lab confirmation with any of our tests at the customer's request. The only difference is there will be a lab fee for any tests that are not the Drug Detector. This retail screen is the only drug test that will include a lab confirmation for free.

Q. What is a dip card test?

A. A dip card drug test is a different version of the usual urine test. With a dip card, you will need to put the urine into a separate cup or container. From there you will literally dip the end of the dip card into that specimen. Within minutes you will get results on the dip card itself. The biggest differences between a dip card drug test and a urine cup are the ease of use and what is fully integrated within each. With a urine cup everything is already there for you. With the dip card you will need to have a separate cup and handle the specimen yourself, dipping it into the urine to get your results.

Q. What does the green dot at the bottom of my test mean?

A. The green dots on the bottom of the urine cup are the temperature strip. Human urine is always in between 90-100 degrees Farenheit. You will see a green dot indicating where the samples temperature falls in between 90 and 100 degrees. You can of course ignore this if you are taking the test yourself and know you haven't tampered with it. In some cases, if a test is tampered with, for example water has been added or something of the sort, this would drop the temperature and show you this on our temperature strip by no green dots being shown.

Q. Why does my test read negative, positive, and invalid?

A. This because you are looking at the "Interpret Results" chart. This is just a key showing you how to read the actual test. Directly above that chart you will peel back that whole label where it says "Peel Back for Results" and there you will see the strips for each drug being tested. This is where you will use that "Interpret Results" charts to read each drug strip.

Q. How do I access my results from the lab?

A. To get your results you will navigate to the SteelFusion web portal which is located in our menu. Once there you will click on "Click Here For Results". Lastly, you will enter your 13-digit code into the box and click "Find Report". Now you can see your entire lab report giving you a red (D) if the drug was detected along with an exact Ng/mL of each drug's metabolite that was detected in the donor's system.

Q. How do I know which strip tests for what?

A. Every strip on our drug tests will be a different color at the top of the strip. Inside of each color is the abbreviation of the drug it tests for. For example, in the dark blue colored strip it will say THC which indicates that strip tests for marijuana.