Second to none with their follow through, this company exceeds expectations in customer service. They operate with integrity and I am a huge fan.

Keep rolling with your a-game! 

Ryan J. McClure ~ Principal at Redstar Backgrounds

As a supplier, it's important to offer your customers a quality product which has very good performance characteristics. Having bought thousands of the MDC-274 plus many other MD 5-14 panel cup configurations, I'm pleased to say that my customers have come to prefer this cup as opposed to dozens of other brands. To the Allsource team, thanks for both an excellent lines of products as well as your great fulfillment service

Marvin - Master Distributor at REI

I tested myself before getting tested for a job. Results came back in less than 2 minutes. The results of this test matched the job drug test results. I recommend this screen. Very happy and very cheap.

Anonymous - Customer

I used this test for my 16 year old son. It is very simple to use, and the results are almost immediate. I have ordered more to have at home, as a deterrant for my son. Knowing that I could test him randomly, any time I want is actually keeping him away from drugs. This is the best thing I could have done, and gives me peace of mind, regarding my son.

Ana D. - Customer

This is very user friendly and results are simple to read, NO GUESSING involved! I recommend this product to anyone who needs quick and accurate test results. As a professional in the toxicology field I can attest that this product works and is very cost effective.

Anonymous - Customer

Drug Screening Solutions and Supplies

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