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About Us

About AllSource

I'm Peter O'Connor, President of AllSource Screening Solutions, LLC.  Since its inception in 2009, AllSource has grown to become a leader in the industry for manufacturing and distributing drug test kits around the world. When the global financial collapse happened in 2007, I felt the need to diversify my business interests. With billable hours at Carol Harris Staffing, the staffing agency that I own, trending downward, we began to open up our business to new revenue streams.  We supplied office supplies, office furniture, background checks and even landscaping services to the customers that we had been working with for years, but the one product that began to separate from the rest in terms of popularity was our drug testing services. 

Drug testing was something that Carol Harris Staffing had done for years but only at the request of our clients. It was clear that this was a market destined to explode, so with a significant investment of time and effort, AllSource Screening got its start.  At first we supplied companies in our region with drug testing kits such as urine drug tests or oral drug tests.  As we began to expand and the economy began to improve, the market really began to develop.

Before long we were servicing companies around the United States and consulting with them for their drug screening needs.  Pre-Employment Screening transitioned from a rarity to a norm in almost no time at all enabling us to dramatically widen our footprint. 

During this period of growth AllSource Screening Solutions outgrew its headquarters 4 times, the first of which was in my office at my staffing agency, then into a storefront in Irwin, Pennsylvania.  After less than a year AllSource had to expand through a wall into the next storefront over and then finally into the full-sized warehouse that we are in today. 

As we look toward the future today we are preparing for our next avenues of growth by focusing in on our new line of retail drug screens, the Drug Detector, staffing agencies, correctional facilities and rehabilitation centers. If you think that AllSource can help you or your business promote a healthy, drug free environment, please reach out to us and we will be happy to come up with a solution that makes sense for everyone.