Drug Screening and Testing Products

At AllSource Screening, we make it our business to provide accurate and reliable drug screening products. From single-panel testing to at-home cancer screening, our testing solutions help you monitor drug use. Explore our various types of test below.

Oral and Saliva Test:

Our oral and saliva test gives you accurate results in the comfort of your own home. These drug testing products range in panel number and offer options that focus on specific substances.

Urine Cup Test:

Our urine tests can detect marijuana use up to three months prior. As for other substances, our tests are accurate up to one week prior. Many of our urine-based tests come with multiple panels, so you can test for several common substances.

Single-Panel Test:

These drug screening products test for a single substance. Single-panel tests are inexpensive and accurate. Depending on the substance, results can show substance use up to several weeks back.

Multi-Panel Test:

These multi-panel drug testing products detect multiple substances. As accurate as any of our other tests, they have many practical applications.