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AllSource Pregnancy Test Check Cassette (Box of 25)

AllSource Screening Solutions

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AllSource Rapid Result Pregnancy Check Cassette

The AllSource Rapid Result Pregnancy Check Cassette is an industry leader in accuracy and ease of you in the pregnancy testing category.

This will include a box of 25 pregnancy check cassettes, instructions, plastic trays for specimen testing, and further screening details.


Test Instructions:

1. Collect a small amount of urine in a clean, dry cup (Provided)

2. Remove test from foil pouch

3. Holding the dropper vertically, drip 3 drops of urine into sample well marked "S" on the test device. Start timing.

4. Positive results may appear as quickly as 60 seconds, but may take up to 3 minutes to confirm a negative result.

5. Read results within 10 minutes as results may be invalid after that period.


Reading Test Results:

PREGNANT: 2 lines appearing next to the Control and Test ("C" and "T") window indicate you are probably pregnant.  the darkness or lightness of the lines do not matter and may vary.

NOT-PREGNANT: If only 1 line appears in the Control window (next to the "C"), that means you are probably not pregnant or you tested too early.

INVALID: If no line appears in the Control window (next to the "C") after 3 minutes, the Test is invalid and should be repeated with a new test.