Drug Free Workplace Program

Drug Free Workplace Program


AllSource Drug Free Workplace Program

AllSource Screening Solutions is happy to announce the roll-out of a new drug-free workplace program.  The program provides the tools needed for companies to properly screen their employees and job applicants in an ethical, correct and procedurally sound way. 

This is in an effort to improve the working environment of your office setting or job site as well as to provide peace of mind to your workers and your customers alike.

In the AllSource Drug Free Workplace materials you are given the tools that your company needs to succeed at providing a healthy and safe environment for productivity.  The materials include:

  • AllSource Records Result Form
  • AllSource Drug and Alcohol Screen Procedures Checklist
  • AllSource Positive Result Confirmation Procedure
  • AllSource Rescreening Policy Procedures
  • Oral Drug Test Best Practices Information Sheet
  • Oral Saliva Screen Administration Exam and Key
  • Urine Screen Administration Exam and Key
  • Oral Saliva Administration Certificate
  • Urine Screen Administration Certificate

These materials, in conjunction with our online videos and support documents provide a wide breadth of knowledge that can empower your company to make the right decisions and to do so in the safest way possible.

Ask an AllSource Screening Solutions representative today about working to improve the work environment at your place of business.