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Drug Screen Procedure

Drug Screen Procedures Checklist



  1. Items required:
  • “Drug/Alcohol Records Result Form”
  • Sign in or registration space (Office or other confidential area with door closed)
    • Possibly same procedure as Flu shot or Covid test
  • Drug screen
  • Protective gloves
  • Security seal
  • Watch, clock, or timer
  1. Complete company and collector section (Section I) of “Drug/Alcohol Screen Result Form.”
  1. Verify an original photo identification of donor.
  1. Instruct donor to complete “Consent and Release Form” (if not already completed) and donor section (Section II) of “Drug/Alcohol Screen Result Form” including any prescription or over-the-counter medication he/she has taken in the last 3 months.
  1. Instruct the donor to sign and date the confirmation and agreement section (Section IV) of the “Drug/Alcohol Screen Result Form.”
  1. Instruct the donor to write the date and his/her initials on the security seal. Collector will initial the security seal also.
  1. Inform donor of the following test procedures:
  • Donor may not take bags, coats, etc. into restroom during screening.
  • Donor will enter restroom and fill cup with specimen (above temperature strip).
  • Donor will not run any water or flush toilet.
  • After providing specimen, donor will replace lid tightly and place specimen cup in designated area.
  • Donor will knock on door to indicate that the collector may enter.
  • Collector will enter and seal specimen cup.
  • Donor may then wash hands and flush toilet.
  • Donor will return to waiting area until results are processed.
  • If donor violates screening procedures, the screening is compromised and must be repeated. The donor may also be required to reimburse the facility for a replacement screen at the current rate. *Note to Facility staff: Please refer to “Re-Screening Policy & Procedures” form and ask your Safety & Risk Manager if any questions in this area.
  1. Check expiration date of screening package (do not use an expired screen).       Put on protective gloves and open the drug screen package. Donor must witness your actions of opening a new screen.
  1. Donor and collector exit office, donor enters restroom, and collector stands outside restroom door listening for running water, flushing, or anything suspicious (rustling of clothes, taking too much time, etc.).
  1. Donor provides specimen, replaces lid, places cup in designated area, and knocks on door.
  1. Collector enters and places seal across screen (careful not to cover test result window).
  1. Confirm that specimen is within temperature range (90-100°F).
  1. Donor washes hands, flushes toilet, and returns to waiting area.       Collector remains inside restroom with door closed to read results.
  1. If the results do not indicate adulteration (Temperature Strip), read drug screen results at 5 minutes.


      Reading The Results:

  • If all the strips have a line at the “C,” the test is valid.
  • If there is a line below the C line, no matter how faint, and known as the T line then the test is “negative” for all substances.
  • If there is not a line below the C line or top line then the test is “preliminarily positive” for that substance.
  • All test strips have 3 letters on the color code at the top of the test strip. This is how you know what drug us being tested for.

      For all screens:

  • If there is not a Control line on every strip or the temperature was not in range, then the test is invalid and the process must be redone ONCE. This could be the fault of the test, not the donor. Please refer to “Re-Screening Policy & Procedures” form for specifics.


  1. If results are “NEGATIVE,” discard screen.
  1. If results are “PRELIMINARY POSITIVE,” discreetly take the screen and donor back to office and let them know as well as have them sign and confirm the results.
  1. Complete the Results section (Section III) of the “Drug/Alcohol Screen Result Form” by placing a check in the box beside which substances tested preliminarily positive, negative, or were not tested, as well as documenting the results of the Adulteration strip: Abnormal (low), Normal, Abnormal (high).
  1. Check the “yes” box to document that the specimen temperature was within the 90-100° F range.
  1. Sign and date the collector area of the confirmation and agreement section (Section IV).
  1. If results are “PRELIMINARY POSITIVE,” read “Script for Positive Alcohol and Drug Screen Results” and follow “Procedures for Confirming Positive Drug Screen Results.”
  1. Forward all signed results to the paying party. Invoice appropriately.