Marijuana At-Home Drug Detector Urine Drug Test (W/ FREE Lab)

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Detects: Marijuana (THC) with FREE lab confirmation
The AllSource Marijuana Drug Detector Home Drug Test puts the power of drug testing in your hands. With this Drug Detector drug test, you have the ability to quickly and accurately test for marijuana in the privacy of your own home.


All Source Drug Detector Home Marijuana Drug Test:
  • 99% accuracy
  • Proven to provide results within a 5-minute time frame
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Innovative design, including flat sides for record keeping


Instructions: Prior to Testing: confirm kit is not expired; read instruction in their entirety; have time (eg watch, clock) available; follow steps 1 through 3. 1 - Collect sample. 2 - Attach & click test lid. 3 - Interpret results in 5 minutes. Store as packaged either a room temperature or refrigerated (2-30 degrees C). Allow the test cup to come to room temperature (15-30 degrees C/59-86 degrees F) prior to test. Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat. Do not freeze. Do not use beyond the expiration date. For in vitro diagnostic use only. For external use only.

Drug Detector home drug tests put the power of drug testing in your hands. With the Drug Detector line of home drug tests, you have the ability to screen from marijuana, to a variety of prescription medications in the privacy of your own home.  All Drug Detector products come with a FREE Lab Confirmation. Some of our difference makers:

 Up to 70% Margin
 99% Accurate
 Award Winning Lab Services, with a 2 Day Turnaround Time
 CLIA Waived
 OTC Compliant
 FDA 510k Cleared
 Heat-Sealed, Full-Color Packaging
 Flat Sides for Photocopying and Record Keeping
 A Click Lid for a Secure Seal
 Sturdy Construction for Specimen Protection
 The Drug Detector Brand Name, Requiring Little Consumer Education

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Ask a Question
  • How many nonograms does this test for? Or in other words whats the cut off?

    The cutoff level for Marijuana (THC) on our urine cups is 50 Ng/mL.  If you decide to take advantage of the FREE lab confirmation then our lab will test for as low as 10 Ng/mL.

  • If I read my results at 9 minutes and it said negative does that mean it is inaccurate?

    The results that cup is showing is accurate after 9 minutes.  The results being ready within 5 minutes is just a timetable for when you can accurately read them.  You will still get accurate results even if you wait longer than 5 minutes to interpret them.

  • I filled the cup with urine past the max urine level are my results skewerd cause of that. I tested negative but was well past the max urine level marker on the cup?

    You should be fine, but it is recommended to make sure you stay within the minimum and maximum lines.   If the results came back quickly and you see that the lines appeared, then you should be good to go.   If you want to be absolutely sure, take advantage of the FREE lab confirmation and just send the cup as you have it filled right to the lab for 100% accurate results. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  • So i’m a little confused on the results, first off for the negative side both C and T lines were there. But on the positive side the C had a line. And the T had a line also for the invalid part... wondering if my test is negative or positive

    It sounds like you are looking at the chart.  That is just a sticker with the key so you know how to interpet your results.  Your results are on the panel itself dead center on the flat side of the cup.  You will see the whole middle portion tears off on both flat sides of the cup where the tab says "Tear Here For Results".  Since you have the one panel test, only one side will have a test strip in it.  Locate the blue strip that says "THC" at the top on one of the sides of the cup.  On that same strip that is blue and reading "THC" at the top is where you will find your C and T lines.  The line will appear halfway down the strip and towards the bottom.  One line will mean positive and two lines will mean negative.

  • Does the test or the lab feedback tell you how high the THC level is?

    The lab will test for the exact amount of ng/ml in the sample and give you those results via the online portal.

  • My test didn't come with instructions but my stripe came back negative and I noticed that one the cup it also said watch the green colors and I didn't know what that meant

    Thanks for your question.

    It sounds like you tested Negative on your test.  When it comes to the green colors, that is refering to the temperature strip.  It is there to make sure a real human's urine is what's in the cup.  If you tested yourself then you can disregard it since you know that your urine is real.  Human urine will be inbetween 90-100 degrees which is why you will see a green dot on that temperature strip, confirming it's real urine.

    Keep in mind the instruction pamphlet is inbetween the inner box and the outer packaging, not inside the inner white box.  Make sure to remove the inner box as that is the shipping box for sending off a specimen to the lab.


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