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14 Panel At-Home Drug Detector Urine Drug Test

AllSource Screening Solutions

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AllSource 14 Panel At Home Urine Cup Drug Test 


The AllSource 14 Panel Drug Detector At-Home Drug Test puts the power of drug testing in your hands. With this Drug Detector drug test, you have the ability to quickly and accurately test for 14 different drugs that range from marijuana to select prescription medications in the privacy of your own home.

AllSource Drug Detector 14 Panel At-Home Drug Test

  • Fast Results: Drug Detector is proven to provide results within a 5-minute time frame.

  • Accurate: 99% accuracy when testing each of the 14 included drugs.

  • Innovative Design: The flat sides contain the test strips, enabling the results to be copied.

  • Certified Quality: Each of the 14test strips is CLIA Waived, OTC Approved, and FDA 510k Cleared, meeting all of the highest standards in the industry.

  • Control: Whether you are a parent trying to keep their child safe, an employer interested in making informed hiring decisions, or an individual who wants to check their own status privately, the Drug Detector drug test puts the power in your hands.

  • Helpful: Our helpline is here to answer any questions you may have about the product, testing procedure, or results interpretation.

  • Simple: Get results after completing a 3 step process

    • Collect Sample

    • Attach & Click Test Lid

    • Interpret results in five minutes or less.

  • Prior to Testing

    • Confirm that the kit is NOT expired.

    • Read instructions in their entirety.

    • Have a timer available.

    • Follow steps 1 through 3.

    • Contents of the Drug Detector Kit

      • Procedure Card with Instructions

      • AllSource Urine Sample Collection Cup

      • Plastic Sealable Bag

      • Collection Cup ID Label

Drug Detector athome drug tests put the power of drug testing in your hands. With the Drug Detector line of home drug tests, you have the ability to screen from marijuana, to a variety of prescription medications in the privacy of your own home. Some of our difference makers:

 Up to 70% Margin
 99% Accurate
 CLIA Waived
 OTC Compliant
 FDA 510k Cleared
 Heat-Sealed, Full-Color Packaging
 Flat Sides for Photocopying and Record Keeping
 A Click Lid for a Secure Seal
 Sturdy Construction for Specimen Protection
 The Drug Detector Brand Name, Requiring Little Consumer Education


  • The Drug Detector screens for:

    • (THC) Marijuana

    • (AMP) Amphetamine

    • (BAR) Barbiturates

    • (BUP) Buprenorphine

    • (BZO) Benzodiazepines

    • (COC) Cocaine

    • (MDMA)Methylenedioxymethamphetamine

    • (MET) Methamphetamine

    • (MTD) Methadone

    • (MOR) Morphine

    • (OXY) Oxycodone

    • (PCP) Phencyclidine

    • (TRI) Tricyclics
    • (EDDP)