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Drug Detector Fentanyl Test (Box of 25) - 1ng Cutoff Level

AllSource Screening Solutions

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AllSource Drug Detector Fentanyl Test (CLIA-WAIVED BOX OF 25)

The AllSource Drug Detector Fentanyl Test is a rapid, one-step
immunoassay for the qualitative detection of fentanyl in human urine at
the cutoff concentrations of 1 ng/mL.
This device provides only preliminary drug test results. To obtain a
quantitative result or a confirmation of a presumptive positive result, a
more specific alternative method must be used. GC/MS or LC/MS is the
preferred confirmatory method.
Professional judgment should be applied to drug test results, particularly
when preliminary positive results are indicated.
It is for in vitro diagnostic use only


Interpreting Test Results

Negative Results
A red colored band should be observed in control region (C), and test
region. The color and density of the test band may vary for control and
drug test region.

Presumptive Positive Results
When the control band is visible in the control region (C) and no band
appears at the test region, the result is a presumptive positive.

When no band appears in the control (C) region, the test is invalid
regardless of the results in the test region. If the test is invalid, check
testing procedures. Repeat the test using a new device.