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Urine Cup Drug Tests

Here at AllSource we take pride in our line of urine drug test kits. We boast some of the highest accuracy and quality we've seen in drug testing kits. AllSource offers a wide range of drug test selections ranging from cups with alcohol and cotinine to our supreme 16 panel screen that tests for all of the main drugs as well as Fentanyl, Tramadol, and Alcohol.

Directions For Use:

Allow the test device, and urine specimen to come to room temperature [15-30 Celsius (59-86 Fahrenheit)] prior to testing.

1) Tear the foil bag open; remove test cup and Label the device with donor information (if necessary)

2) Open the test cup lid.  Urinate directly into the test cup.  Be sure to fill up the test cup with the urine specimen between minimum 30ml to maximum 90ml (marked on the cup)

3) After urine specimen has been collected, close the lid securely and return cup to collection official (if necessary)

4) Peel off label to reveal test result.  Read test results at 5 minutes. DO NOT INTERPRET RESULT AFTER 10 MINUTES.